Alicia Panoramic Park

When   looking   to  unwind,  breathe  some  fresh   air and become one  with  nature,  The  Alicia  Panoramic  Park (TAPP) is the  place  to  be.  The  best  view  comes  after  the hardest climb. Vast greenery covers the incredibly beautiful landscape that goes on and on as far as your eyes  can  see. Whether you are a visitor  or  a  local,  you  can  never  have enough of  this  place.  The  park brings  a  sense  of  peace, serenity, and calm that is amazingly enchanting and bound to leave a permanent impression on anyone for  decades   to come. Underneath the green landscape is the Alicia Schist, the 100-145 million years old foliated metamorphic rocks.

Alicia, Bohol

1 hour & 53 minutes travel


The Alicia Panoramic Park features the rolling topography of Binabaje Hills of Alicia. The hills have an altitude of 400 meters above sea level and is located in the small town of Cambaol in Alicia on the eastern portion of the island. The site is relatively new as it just opened to public recently, but has since became a popular destination for hikers seeking for an adventure trail packed with breathtaking landscape and picture-perfect spots.

The trail level is not for beginners – there are very few to almost no flat landscapes of the trail. The trek up to the summit may take up to 1-2 hours depending on the pace and the trail to be taken, which is divided depending on the difficulty – trail A, B and C. Located within the hills is the peak representing the border between three towns of Bohol– Alicia, Ubay and Mabini.

Binabaje Hills trail is an open field covered only with tropical grasses more commonly known as “Cogon grass”. This species of grass is tall and perennial with sharp edges which is used in thatching. Underneath the green landscape is the Alicia Schist. The 100-145 million year old foliated metamorphic rocks are known as the Alicia Schist, which is the oldest rock in Bohol and is named after the municipality where it is mostly exposed.

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