The Department of Tourism (DOT) Region 7 conducted a familiarisation seminar for tour operators on geotourism in line with Bohol’s designation as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

Dubbed “Continuing Education for Tour Guides”, the information seminar held Oct. 18 at the Belian Hotel in Tagbilaran, drew 29 participants.

DOT-7 said this event aims to create more awareness of Bohol’s designation as a UNESCO Global Geopark, familiarise tourism workers on geoscience, and brief them on accurate and scientific information.

This will in turn enable them to simplify their narratives to tourists visiting the designated geosites and other geological formations in the province.

The national agency invited Karl Michael Din, Bohol Island UNESCO Global Geopark’s resident geologist, and his team to discuss Bohol’s journey to gain UNESCO’s designation as well as a comprehensive guide on the 17 geosites, 16 cultural, and four biological sites found in the province.

Din emphasized the importance of educating people about the Geopark concept and its goal to raise awareness of geoheritage conservation, sustainable tourism, and education.

Participants also got the chance to ask questions about Bohol’s topography and seascapes during the interactive discussion.

Through the seminar, DOT-7 said it is hoping that local tour operators will have a wider knowledge about the Geopark to provide accurate information to tourists interested in learning about the island province’s geological history.

This was on the second day of the three-day seminar from Oct. 17 to 18, with other topics, including laws on protection and preservation of Tarsier Sanctuaries by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources- Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office Bohol.

The Bohol Provincial Tourism Office and gave updates on the local tourism industry by as the provincial government aims to reorient the tourism industry from mass tourism to sustainable and environmentally-conscious tourism. (PIMO/GMC)

By: Gavin Michael Cubillo/ The Provincial Information and Media Office