Chocolate Hills

Alicia Schist

The Alicia Panoramic Park

Photo is taken by: Micah Lumaad

Loon Uplifted Marine Terrace & Coral Garden

Maribojoc Uplifted Marine Terrace

Baclayon Ancient Uplfited Marine Terrace

Hinagdanan Cave

Cagongcagong Cave System: Princess Manan-aw Cave

Trinidad Cave System

Lamanok Island

Photo is taken by: Nataniel Luperte

Canawa Cold Spring

Can-umantad Falls

Danajon Double Barrier Reef

Cave Pools of Anda

Photo is taken by Nataniel Luperte

Inabanga Fault Scarp

Photo source:

Eskaya Tribe

Baclayon Church

Dauis Church

Photo is taken by @thepoortraveler

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