The Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) turned over the newly-constructed Geopark Information Center in Talibon on Friday, February 3.

Located in Talibon’s Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office, the center will serve as an educational hub for Boholano students and locals to learn more about Bohol Island Geopark Project, an effort to enhance the value of the geological sites found in the Province that holds ecological, biological, geological, archaeological, historical, and cultural significance.

PGBh, through the Bohol Provincial Environment Management Office (BPEMO), aims to promote further and strengthen the Geopark’s visibility to Boholanos and help them appreciate the geological landforms scattered in the Province with the new information center.

BPEMO said the location of the information center is only temporary and will be transferred to a different room or building along with the Danajon Interpretive Center.

Talibon Mayor Janette Garcia attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony to show support and pledged to assist PGBh on their initiatives for the Geopark. Talibon is one of the coastal towns in Northern Bohol near the Danajon Double Barrier Reef, a recognized marine geological site part of Bohol Island Geopark.

By: Gavin Michael Cubillo/ The Provincial Information and Media Office